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Sudharma Specialty Laboratory is Reliable and cost-effective healthcare, and diagnostic service to the needy

Sudharma Specialty Laboratory spread across central Kerala with several branches that emphasizes on providing quality. Established in 2000 by Ameer Ali M (Chairman and Managing Director, Sudharma Specialty Laboratory ) the group has now more than 20 branches in the central Kerala region. Sudharma Specialty Laboratory aspires to be an iconic point in the field of laboratory diagnosis in a cost-effective manner uncompromising on quality. We provides premium facilities and infrastructure at its laboratories. Sudharma Specialty Laboratory has now grown into a chain of laboratories from a single laboratory with a wide presence in central Kerala. We controlled the inflation of laboratory test rates through cost-effective packages

Sudharma Labs
  • Certified Lab

    we are certified in ISO 9001:2015 certification. Assessment for certification was done by BAS.

  • Award Winning

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  • 22+ Years Experience

    We are grown into a chain of laboratories with a wide presence in central Kerala.

Sudharma Specialty Laboratory


I believe this is the proper time to express my emotional feelings of love and affection to everyone. Who knows the importance of enjoying a healthy life in every aspect? I am really in the mood for I rejoice to reveal the inevitable information, especially meant for patients of various kinds. Have you ever wondered the reason why an individual, whether male or female, is being forced to Met with unhealthy problems? Or why does he or she become a patient? 

The answer is simple; the human body is very sensitive and, at any time, there’ll be the chance An attack in the form of diseases is coming, and when our immune system fails, the body surrenders to  Ailments I’d like to say a few words about the Sudharma Specialty Laboratory at this time. It has everything that you would prefer from a medical lab. Perhaps now in Kerala, a large number of diagnostic centers are involved in medical services and only a few are genuine. Authentic. Here is the matter getting relevant while an aspirant evaluates Sudharma Specialty.

Laboratory Our medical lab is equipped with the most modern facilities. All of our employees are nurses. Personals have expertise in their respective serving arenas and, obviously, Qualified and trained. Early and accurate diagnosis is vital for both wellness and illness both. Our team is here to make deep Day in and day out, we make human connections while serving our patients with dedication, discipline, and diligence. At Sudharma Specialty Laboratory, reports are accurate, detailed, and dependably produced for timely Diagnosis and therapeutic investigation of diseases. This gives a clear idea of how to improve it. Treatment decisions and improving clinical outcomes. Our backup strength has been enriched with the equipment of internationally accepted brands. “We Remain systematic always, and each person deserves our highest possible standards of care. From our part, we make no concessions when it comes to healthcare quality, and as a medical lab, this is a must. The unrivaled sector of warm service feels the difference. We humbly look forward to an Expectation of support and co-operation. Thanks

Ameer Ali M
Chairman and Managing Director
Sudharma Specialty Laboratory

Our core values

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Learn why we’re the best laboratory around


With accurate and dependable test findings, we achieve by ensuring that our equipment is in good working order and using qualified personnel.


We provide excellent services for the most complete testing as well as accurate and reliable reports that fulfill the needs of patients at an affordable price.


Our efficient staff will always care after you, contributing to all client needs, doing all tests in a safe and hygienic manner, and delivering on time.


Our customers always admire our efficiency, sincerity. For our continuous work, we put our best effort into better and trusted diagnoses.


4 Steps of our process of taking tests

Step 1

Sample collection

Step 2

Lab Generates Proposal

Step 3

Speed Results

Step 4

Reports Delivered


Our happy customers speaks for us

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